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Operation Noah: postcard concept and logo

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Operation Noah began as a petition from the UK Christian churches to the British government for action on climate change.

Ever produced a strong yet simple visual identity for Operation Noah, but it was our experience of communicating sustainable development to individuals and organisations that was most valuable to the founders.

To begin with, our advice that a petition would have little impact on government policy was taken to heart. Together, we devised a campaign that would allow individuals and churches to take effective action on climate change by signing up with a 'green' electricity supplier with just one phone call. We also helped to broker strategic alliances with suppliers of green energy.

To make it easy for congregation members to spread the word, we devised an 'Ark in a Box' containing all the publicity and educational materials they would need to promote Operation Noah among the congregations.

Operation Noah has evolved into a multi-faith initiative and is now recognised by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland as the primary climate change initiative of the faith community. Operation Noah is preparing for a national launch later this year.

Services supplied    
* Marketing consultancy
* Strategic planning
* Leaflets
* Stationery
  * Partnership building
* Market research
* Branding
* Campaign testing

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